Thank you to everyone who has purchased tickets

CONGRATULATIONS go to Stephen Pritchard with Tiger Roll; Louie Edwards, 2nd with Magic of Light; Jonathan Benbow, 3rd with Rathvinden and Mark Gadsden, 4th with Walk in the Mill.

No.  Horse     Owner
1. Anibale Fly       Jenny Udale
2. Valtor      Stacey Charlesworth
3. Tiger Roll      Stephen Pritchard
4. Outlander      Rob Everall
5. Don Poli      Jo Price
6. Go Conquer      Alan Wilcox
7. Mala Beach      Den Nicholls
8. Minella Rocco      Phil Kynaston
9. Lake View Lad      Rebecca Jones
10. Pleasant Company      Jamie Spencer-Blow
11. Ballyoptic      Nigel Nicklin
12. Dounikos      Zoe Chamberlain
13. Rathvinden      Jonathan Benbow
14. One For Arthur      Roy Topham
15. Rock The Kasbah      Nigel Downer
16. Warriors Tale      Jo Spencer-Jones
17. Regal Encore      Bev Barkley
18. Magic Of Light      L Edwards
19. A Toi Phil      Rachel Warner
20. Jury Duty      Mary Wynne-Jones
21. Noble Endeavor      Joanna Forester
22. Monbeg Notorious      John Lawder
23. Ramses De Teillee      Emily Elcock
24. Tea For Two      Jill Scorer
25. Just A Par      Jane Joynt
26. Step Back       Stephen Winwood
27. Ultragold      Emma & Pete Docherty
28. Blow By Blow      Andrew Stirling
29. Up For Review      Eddie Smith
30. Singlefarmpayment      Neville Mathers
31. Vieux Lion Rouge      Kirsty Silva
32. Valseur Lido      Mark Lokier
33. Vintage Clouds      Anna Angell-James
34. General Principle      Jane Samuel
35. Livelovelaugh      Sally Matcham
36. Walk In The Mill      Mark Gadsden
37. Folsom Blue      Ben Wixey
38. Captain Redbeard      Andrew Annandale
39. Bless The Wings      Emma Walland
40. Joe Farrell      Pip Harney

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